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|50% filipino 50% arabian|
|Hakuna Matata|
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  • copy and paste yourself into my bed

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    I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed

    no matter how many times u compliment me im not making ur bed

    this has to be one of the best responses I’ve gotten to this text post

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    I tweeted about going outside and my buddy wanted proof seeimage

    but little did he know imageI DIDN’T EVEN GO OUTSIDE

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    people who wear pants past 7 are not the kind of people i associate with

    jesus christ i’m getting hate over this because people are putting the word ‘size’ in there when thats not what i was saying

    7:00 P.M.


    I thought you meant past age 7 and I was rly confused

    "Happy birthday son. Since you’re eight now it’s time you learn about kilts.”

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    when you’re just having one of those days


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    me too gurl me too

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    wanna bet

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    do you ever shift in bed slightly and suddenly youre in the most perfect sleeping position ever and you feel like the fucking planets are aligned

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